Keeping you fincancially organised – Let us take away the bookkeeping and payday blues

We expertly manage all your financial information, ensuring you are financially compliant and up to date on your accounts.

It’s a common enough story. You do a full day’s work and then it’s time to start “doing the books.” What’s worse, once a month, or sometimes once a week, there’s the payroll to do battle with too.

Time to call a stop to all of that. Contact Makinson & Co to discuss how we can give you back your evenings and weekends, with our range of bookkeeping and payroll services in Lydney.

Our professional team in bookkeeping and payroll have an in-depth understanding of accounting best practices. As well as expert data entry skills, an exemplary eye for detail and adhere to the UK GAAP accounting standards.

Makinson & Co.’s bookkeeping and payroll services will keep your accounting records up-to-date and give you and your employees peace of mind on payday! By working with Makinson & Co. all your bookkeeping will be accurate and organised in a timely manner for all tax purposes. By choosing our payroll services we will ensure everything runs smoothly, as well as being fully compliant and on-time.


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We can get your bookkeeping procedures into shape so that your invoices are more likely to get paid on time and your bank account is reconciled on a regular basis.


Makinson & Co. provide bookkeeping services for sole traders, partnerships and small business owners. We will record all your financial transactions, prepare financial statements such as balance sheets and income statements, and look after day-to-day operations including filing invoices and expenses.

Our bookkeepers will also handle accounts receivable and payable, manage bank feeds and reconcile bank accounts. We will oversee your businesses financial data and compliance, including the completion of VAT returns and helping prepare your annual accounts.


At Makinson & Co. we are experts at handling payroll for small businesses. Whether you employee one person or fifty, we will take care of your payroll outsourcing. You can choose a schedule to suit you including weekly, fortnightly, four weekly or monthly.

We will do everything from calculating pay and deductions to handling pension uploads and payments. There’s no need to stress about statutory payments, student loans, pensions or any other associated taxes, our payroll team will manage this all for you.

Makinson & Co can help with filing personal tax returns.
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Our services are available across Lydney.


We ensure that your staff get paid accurately & on time

If your employees are happy, they will be more effective and productive. Payroll needs to be right and, if people feel that their tax is wrong or they’ve paid too much, then those issues need to be addressed promptly.

By letting us handle your bookkeeping and payroll, you can get on with the job of making money and leave us to deal with the paperwork.

Financial Peace of Mind for you and your Business

All our bookkeeping and payroll services are completed with the highest attention to detail, ensuring accuracy and compliance with all regulations and deadlines.

Makinson & Co. are meticulous and efficient with accounting services that are available to help reduce your in-house costs, and reduce the pressure on your employees by covering all aspects of your bookkeeping and payroll.


What Our Bookkeeping and Payroll Services Include


  • Day to day management of accounts
  • Manage bank feeds
  • Reconcile bank accounts
  • Maintain up-to-date and accurate financial records
  • Prepare financial statements
  • Handle accounts payable
  • Handle accounts receivable
  • Keep business compliant and aligned with laws
  • Keep you prepared for tax


  • Calculate pay and deductions
  • Transfer money into employees accounts
  • Handle student loan payments
  • Handle pension payments, including Nest Pension uploads and payment
  • Keep electronic payroll records
  • Calculate payroll taxes
  • Employee upload of payslips and P60s to online services
Help From Makinson

Who can we help?

At Makinson & Co. we can help individuals, businesses and even council facilities with bookkeeping and payroll. We are experienced in supporting sole traders with tracking monthly income and expenditure and record keeping. Our bookkeeping services can also ensure all tax affairs are correct and meet legal deadlines.

If you are self-employed our bookkeeping services can help keep you up to date with your books and free up your time for you to focus on your own product or services – ultimately saving you money! Our accounting experts will ensure you are meeting all your financial and tax obligations.

For small business owners, our bookkeeping and payroll services are invaluable. We will not only save you time by handling the daily financial work but can also provide you new insight into your business, including on areas you could reduce expenditure.

Our payroll services are also available to support council facilities as well as schools.

Changes to the VAT Penalties Regime

There are important changes you should be aware of regarding the VAT penalties Regime . From this year (January 2023), you will get penalty points if you submit a VAT return late (including nil payment returns).

You must send a VAT Return by the deadline for your accounting period. Late submission penalties work on a points-based system, meaning each time you submit late you will receive a penalty point until you reach the penalty point threshold.

When you reach this threshold, you will receive a £200 penalty. You will also receive a further £200 penalty for each subsequent late submission while you’re at the threshold.

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